Scientists love a good mystery

An inscription in an unknown language discovered buried in a remote hilltop, carved into blocks of moon rock.

For nearly a decade this mystery has attracted some of the worlds most radical scientific minds.

The media called it “The Moonstone Equation”. A name that only served to elevate it’s status.

When Alice saw the advert for a research post at the remote facility she couldn’t resist.

An inquisitive young scientist with a love of puzzles, she now calls this hilltop her home.

It’s time to meet the other radical thinkers.

Science and curiosity

Help Alice uncover the secrets of The Moonstone Equation as she starts her new life as a researcher at the remote hilltop science facility.

Radical thinkers

The hilltop and surrounding area are also home to a wide array of scientists and oddballs all hoping to be the first to crack the secrets of the mysterious carvings.

Everyone has a theory, but does anyone really know anything.

Hidden secrets

To find the answers you’ll explore a world that changes and responds to when and how often you play.

If it’s night where you are then it’s night at the facility. You don’t have to get up at midnight just to progress, but you might discover something interesting if you do.

So many questions

It’s going to take more than just running around to get to the answers.

Find to the truth behind the other scientists theories and motivations. Investigate, use and even hack the network of computer terminals. Explore and gather clues to understand the history of this unusual science community. Perhaps even solve the Moonstone Equation itself and uncover the true purpose of the hilltop.

It’s going to take more than just running around to get to the answers.