Two weeks on Greenlight


To a gamer and fan of indie development the Steam Greenlight system is a great way of finding new things to support in the hope that they will available on the main steam store one day. Through the main greenlight page and the personally tailored Voting Queue the gaming community can get engaged and involved in deciding which games actually become available. All good stuff.

To the game developer the Steam Greenlight system manages to be heavy on raw data and light on actual useful information. It provides lots of stats about how many people are voting on or viewing your game (it even has google analytics support) but very little information about how to reach out to those people or broaden your reach across Steam. It also has almost zero information on when and under what criteria a game is actually greenlit.

So, at present The Moonstone Equation is currently standing at #29 in the top 100 games on greenlight which I’m super happy about. Now, I’d love to tell everyone that it’s all going well and they’ll soon be able to play the game I’ve been making for the last 8 years but I can’t. I just don’t have enough information to give anyone right now. So instead I’ll continue to ask for more votes and more support and offer you this little screenshot of the stats from the developer side of Steam Greenlight.

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A narrative puzzle game

A narrative puzzle game

Here’s the problem; I want to tell everyone about Moonstone Equation but I don’t want to spoil the many suprises and puzzle it contains.

It’s not a new problem, any game that contains narrative (and puzzles) needs to deal with this. At this point my plan is to give you all lots of visuals but keep a little more quiet about the details of the plot. That way you can see what the game looks (and maybe even sounds) like to play but the actual narrative will remain un-spoilt. It’ll also give you a chance to get a better idea of what it’s like to actually play The Moonstone Equation.

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Preparing for Greenlight

Preparing for Greenlight

Almost nobody browses the internet anymore. Instead they use the channels of reddit, facebook, twitter and so on, clicking on things that look or sound interesting. So I’m pretty sure you didn’t get here by just roaming around the infinite digital sea. Instead you probably followed one of the many links I’ve produced to hopefully dierct people this way and in turn direct them towards my Steam greenlight campaign.

Or at least that would be the case if my greenlight page and the many links actually existed. At this very point in time as I type this blog post I’ve done none of those things. Instead I’m spending all my time preparing so that when I don have a greenlight page then I also have lots of interesting and relavent content to help people understand and get excited about my game.

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